At UBL Fund Managers, financial year 2016 was one of unique challenges and transformations. I am pleased to report that, despite changes that came to pass, our assets under management grew to over PKR 61 billion by June-end, our product suite has broadened to include 3 new funds and plans, and we have opened 3 new locations country-wide. A small asset management company with just five employees in 2001, UBL Funds has come a long way in becoming one of Pakistan’s leading asset managers, not to mention its international presence. This feat has been powered by the dedication of over 350 employees and guidance of our seasoned Board of Directors.

We continue to enhance our infrastructure by exploiting technology and, using the same strategy, also provide easy access to investments for our clients. This year, we introduced our Smart Savings mobile application, a first for the industry in Pakistan, which has allowed thousands of our investors to view and transact in their investment portfolios with us around the clock and on the go. We are so proud that the SmartApp paved the way for our winning of the coveted P@SHA ICT Award for Best in Service Innovation.

Apart from this, 2016 has been one of many other accolades that we are thankful to have received, including the Management Association of Pakistan’s Corporate Excellence Award for the second year running, maintaining our position as the only asset management company to win this honor. Our efforts to serve our investors and safeguard their interests were also recognized with four Thompson Reuters’ Lipper Awards for best-in-class performances.

On behalf of UBL Funds, I would like to thank our investors, members of our Board, and my colleagues for allowing us to achieve all that we have. We position our business to achieve superior outcomes for our investors and pledge to create more value for you. I am confident that our best days lie ahead and we look forward to your trust and companionship throughout the journey.

Yasir Qadri
Chief Executive Officer, UBL Fund Manager


We are a leading asset management company for individuals, advisors and institutions, opening our doors in the year of 2001. Our investment professionals are located in all major cities of Pakistan and in the Middle East, offering investment solutions for people from all walks of life. With total assets under management of over Rs.61 Billion (As of June 30, 2016), we are one of the largest asset management companies in the country – working under the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. With a rich history of serving clients, broad investment capabilities, a proven business model and over 50+ year old legacy of our parent company, United Bank Limited (UBL), we offer investment opportunities and expertise which is almost unparalleled.

To be the best in class, most preferred investment solution provider.

Our mission is to provide investment management and investment advisory services to enable our clients achieve their financial goals. Our services would be delivered through a client centric approach focusing on superior returns, excellent customer service, and need-based products while maintaining highest ethical and professional standards.


More About Us

At UBL Fund Managers, we know that the major reason for our growth is you, our customer. We are so aware of this, in fact, that our corporate vision was developed by our senior management and is simply ‘to be the best in class, most preferred investment solution provider’. This vision is kept in mind every day and communicated down the line in words and action.
With a pledge to keep customer interest at the forefront of our operations, this year, we introduced a first-of-its-kind mobile application – the UBL Funds Smart Savings App – via which you are able to not only view your investment portfolio, but also transact on-the-go. Online access, SMS transactions, recorded telephone services, and portfolio access via automated teller machines are also among the modes of convenient investing that we offer you. That certainly isn’t to say that our face-to-face interaction with you has reduced – our direct sales force specifically for catering to you is nearly 250 salespeople strong, working out of a number of investment centers nationwide, including in the smaller rural cities, to ensure that you can reach us when you need to.
This year, UBL Fund Managers has bagged a number of recognitions and awards, not just locally, but globally as well, for our outstanding fund performance, customer service, and innovation in Pakistan’s asset management industry. We are rated AM2++ by JCR-VIS, signifying High Management Quality and being the highest rating currently awarded to any asset manager in Pakistan.
At UBL Fund Managers, we focus on technological innovation and product innovation in tandem, so we are able to bring you new, well-received methodologies that propel the Pakistani asset management industry forward in an effort to come at par with global standards. The big idea for us is to develop both comfort level and also discipline in our investors so that you may learn to invest for long-term wealth accumulation and growth.
Our clients range from large institutions to individuals who hail from all walks of life and we are the only Pakistani asset manager with international presence in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. We have a genuine passion for informing the Pakistani people that there are options to help build a more fruitful financial future, and we will continue to do so in our full capacity going forward as well – that is who we are.

Some Key Numbers

Assets Under Management
UBL Funds

Pkr. 61.8 Billion
(FY 14/15: Pkr. 51.3 Billion)


Pkr. 33.93 Billion


Pkr. 430 Million 

Investors (active)

When Did What Happen?




UBL Funds’ Smart Savings App Launched



ATM Redemption Card Launched



LIPPER Fund Awards – 2015



Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan-II Launched



P@SHA ICT Awards 2015



Abbottabad Investment Center Launched



Rawalpindi Investment Center Launched



Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan-III Launch



MAP Corporate Excellence Award



North Nazimabad Investment Center Launched



Al-Ameen Islamic Active Allocation Plan-IV Launch



CIO 100 Award


For The Community, With Love

At UBL Funds, we believe in integrating social, environmental, and ethical concerns into business operations and our core strategy. We do this with the belief that even the smallest contribution is capable of making a lasting impact. Our focus in 2016 has been on education for the underprivileged and environmental sustainability. While the prior is done through donations and on-ground visits, the latter is carried out on a daily basis through our Go Green initiative which enables us and our investors to go paperless! These are our humble attempts to acknowledge and better the very community that has empowered us to achieve the milestones that we are so proud of today.
– Umber Tanya Ansari, Head of Marketing & Distribution

UBL Funds sponsors the Wheelchair Cricket Tournament 2015

Al-Ameen organizes community dinner to raise awareness about Mutual Funds in Pakistan

UBL Fund Managers sponsored jackets for the LUMS Media Arts Society

Year of Going Green

At UBL Funds, our customers are our first priority. But to care about you, we also have to care about the world in which you live. With our ongoing Go Green initiative, our focus is to continuously strengthen our environmental sustainability and strive to protect our planet. Today, we are proud to announce the very visible and positive results of this initiative. Not only have we truly gone green, but we have also managed to drop our costs because of this digital transformation – all the while making sure our customers get the best of services and convenience!
Muhammad Ahtesham Khan, Manager Customer Services and Quality Assurance

Green Facts

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Call Support (hours)
Total E-Transactions

Paperless transactions vs Paper (%)


Our Esteemed Board of Directors


Tariq Kirmani


Yasir Qadri

Chief Executive Officer

Shabbir Hussain Hashmi


Syed Furrukh Zaeem


Zulfiqar Alavi


Mirza Muhammad Sadeed Barlas


Zia Ijaz


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